The Easy New Way
To Store Your Stuff

Ready to de-clutter your life? Let PackMouse™ do it
for you with convenient, affordable valet storage!

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Our mission is to help you live a peaceful, clutter-free life. We just happen to offer a pretty awesome storage service!

PackMouse™ is a valet storage company, which means we pick up your items, store them for you, and deliver them back to you whenever you want. You can store…

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Camping gear
  • Holiday decorations
  • Documents or books
  • Gardening supplies
  • …and more!


Lots of people have already tried PackMouse™, and we love asking them what they think. See their answers for yourself:

"What a cool idea! I always hated hauling my stuff to and from a storage unit. This is so much better."
Steve M.
"I’m in love with PackMouse. Your service is so easy to use and John was delightful. Thank you! "
Natalie A.


PackMouse™ is just like renting a typical storage unit except it’s easier, cheaper, and a lot more fun!

Order Your Bins

Tell us how many bins you think you’ll need, and we’ll deliver them to your door for free! It’s easy to get started here.

Load Bins With Items

Time to use your imagination! Fill your bins with all that stuff that’s been clogging your closets and cramping your space.

Pickup & Storage

Schedule your complementary home pickup! A friendly PackMouse concierge will come to you, seal and load your bins, and transport them back to our secure, climate-controlled facility.

Get Your Stuff Back

When you want your stuff back, just let us know! We will bring your bins back to you in just 1-2 business days. Can’t get much easier than that.


PackMouse™ is a great deal. Check out our pricing below, and don’t forget to use your coupon code!


Typical Storage Unit

  • Super expensive
  • Load and unload
  • Haul stuff yourself
  • Not usually climate-controlled
  • Questionable security



  • Super affordable
  • Convenient doorstep service
  • Fast pickup and delivery
  • We haul + load + unload for you
  • Secure climate-controlled facility



  • Difficulty relaxing
  • Stressed at home
  • Can’t find anything
  • Stuff falls out of closets
  • Drawers won’t close


Here are some other questions you may be asking…

Do you store other things in addition to bins?

Yes! As long as it can be moved by one person, we will store larger items that won’t fit inside our bins (small furniture, skis, etc.). Contact us for pricing!

Once I get my bins, how long do I have to pack them?

Your storage start date is the day we deliver your empty bins. Most people request bins and then stage the items they are planning to put into the bins. When our driver arrives, you will have 20 minutes to pack the bins. We can also come back later if you want.

How many bins should I request?

Our bins are 25.2 x 15.5 x 11. You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in each bin. Most people order 5 bins, but do whatever is best for you! And remember, you can cancel and get some or all of your bins back any time you want.

What should I store in the bins?

Most people use our bins as sort of a seasonal closet. They rotate items like decorations, clothing, books, documents, camping supplies, etc. Whatever is cluttering up your home, store it with us! Just avoid anything flammable, edible, breakable, or items of high value or of an irreplaceable nature.

How do you keep track of my bins?

Each bin is stamped with a unique number that we track in our searchable database. This allows us to keep everything neatly organized so we know exactly where your bins are when you ask us to bring them back to you!

I’m in another city/state…can I still sign up?

Soon! We currently service homes or apartments in Central Ohio. However, we are growing faster than a hungry mouse chews cheese. So stay tuned!